Sunday, 19 February 2017

All five divers

Cotham Landfill produced a juv Glauc on Friday (the big oatmeal coloured bird), plus three different 1st W Caspian Gulls

Casp 1
Casp 2
Casp 3
 In addition, there was a somewhat Viking-esque Gull (i.e. Herring x Glaucous Gull, with pale primaries and with a pink, black-tipped bill), plus the odd 'white-winged' gull that's been around for a while now.

Viking(?) Gull
Viking(?) Gull
'White-winged' gull

A quick look at Collingham on Saturday afternoon produced a Black-wit on Mons Pool plus 4 redhead Smew on Ferry Lane Lake, but no sign of the Slavonian Grebe, However, the Grebe was there again this morning (as were the 4 redhead Smew). Two Oystercatchers on the Trent were new for PWC2017. 

Prior to that, I'd been to Hoveringham to see the Black-throated Diver; partly because it was a Notts tick, but mainly to bag all five Diver species in the space of 3 weeks! Also present was the Black-necked Grebe and a very sickly looking Glaucous Gull, which apparently hadn't moved off the island for a couple of days (although it did at least stand up whilst I was watching it). 

Awful pic of the BTD
And not much better of the BNG
Black Swan

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