Saturday, 9 November 2013

What's that wheatear?

A full write up to follow, but I found an interesting wheatear at Collingham Pits this morning... I only saw it briefly on three occasions before it vanished, but it looked very promising as either a Pied or an Eastern Black-eared; however, I hadn't nailed the ID. After three hours of searching there was no further sign and I needed to go to hockey. I was furious with myself on the drive down to Leicester for having let this one slip through my fingers (and that I hadn't managed a photo of it), but fortunately John Ellis relocated the bird late this afternoon, and Carl Cornish managed some phone-scoped pics. These have been shown to various people (including a member of BBRC), and the consensus is that it looks good for a Pied. I just hope it's still there in the morning...

(Pics by Carl Cornish)

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